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According to the Hindu religion granth (texts), there is Laxmi in Cow’s dung and Ganga in urine, while in Ayurveda cow’s urine has so many uses.  After chemical analysis of cow’s urine, scientists have found that it has 24 such elements, which are capable in curing different diseases of the body.  According to Ayurveda, regular intake of cow’s urine can cure many ailments. People who takes cow’s urine’s small quantity regularly, increase their immunity power.  It keeps away the diseases which occur due to changes in weather.  Body becomes healthy and energetic.  It has found the following qualities : 
  1. Cow’s urine is hard, bitter, sharp and hot as well as poison killer, bacteria killer and quick digestive.  It has nitrogen, phosphate, urea, uric acid, potassium, sulfate, different types of chloride and sodium are found.  It is helpful in recovering the shortage of copper in the body.
 2. Cow’s urine is not only the healer of all kinds of blood ailments, killer of kapha, vaat & pitta related diseases, killer of heart diseases and poisonous effects, power – intelligence giver, but also extends the age.
3.Cow’s urine works as a “Ramban” for stomach ailments.  It gives benefits in the condition of Liver enlargement after taking regularly advised by the medical practitioner, it purifies the blood after curing the liver and develops the immunity power.
 4. 20 ml intake of cow’s urine in the morning and evening gives benefits in so many diseases.

             1. Loss of Appetite, 2. Indigestion,, 3. hernia, 4. epilepsy, 5. dizziness, 6. Hemorrhoids ( Piles), 7 blennorrhagica, 8. Diabetes, 9. Constipation, 10. Gas problem , 11. Heat stroke, 12. Jaundice, 13. itching, 14. Mouth disease, 15. Blood pressure, 16. Leprosy, 17. dental disease 18. eye diseases, 19. sexual disorder, 20. common cold, 21. fever, 22. skin diseases, 23.Wound, 24. headache, 25. asthma, 26. Gynecologic Problems 27. Breast Diseases,  28.  insomnia. 

 5. Cow’s urine is known as medhya and hridya , in such a way it gives power to heart and mind . it protects the heart  from the attack due to mental reasons and saves from the diseases which affects on the parts of body .
6. It has Carcumin which stops cancer.
7. Radioactive elements are used in the treatment of cancer. The existent elements in cow’s urine includes  sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Sulfur etc. start working as a radioactive element and controls immediately upon uncontrolled growth of cancer. It kills cancer cells. The cells which are left even after the operation, ark destroys those cells too. Hence, cow’s urine  has power  to remove cancer disease.
8. In Lactating cow’s urine  the quantity of Lactose is found  more , which is useful in heart & brain’s ailments.
9cow’s urine  has the treasure of Ayurveda. It has Carbolic Acid which is a pesticide and kills the diseases, which are generated through bacteria. cow’s urine never spoils even after keeping  it for long period .
10. In joint pains cow’s urine relieves if it is applied warm with a cloth on the painful area. In winter season with this kind of problem, intake of cow’s urine with dry ginger is beneficial.
11. In Acidity Problem half cup cow’s urine should be taken after mixing with salt & lemon juice in morning.
12.  In skin diseases cow’s urine should be mixed with cumin seed s(Jeera) powder and use it as a pack on the area. cow’s urine is also helpful in itching.
13.Cow’s urine is helpful in reducing Fat. In a glass of water, four drops of cow’s urine  with two spoon of honey  and one spoon lemon juice gives benefit  if taken regularly.
14.Cow’s urine should be taken  after  filtration. This is the chemical which stops the growing age and makes the body healthy.
15.Cow’s urine increases the quality of  any natural  medicine 20 times more. Cow’s urine has a good combination  with many food items like, cow’s urine with jiggerycow’s urine with honey etc.
16. It is proved after  a research in America that vitamin B is always present  in cow’s stomach. This is a “satoguni  ras”, which brings Satviktain thoughts.
17.The best time of taking cow’s urine is morning and should be taken in empty stomach after cleaning the belly. After taking cow’s urine, food should be taken 1 hour Later.
18. Intake of common cow’s urine is good. The cow should not be pregnant or sick. Cow’s urine of more than one year  old calf is very beneficial .
19.  Non vegetarian people should not take cow’s urine .They should not have non-veg before 15 days of  taking  cow’s urine . The people who are of Pitta nature should not take cow’s urine directly , but should take  with water .Jaundice patient should not  take cow’s urine . cow’s urine  should not be taken in the late night . cow’s urine should be consumed less in summer  season.
20. Sprinkling cow’s urine  in the house receives blessings of goddess laxmi , the house in which sprinkling of cow’s urine  is done everyday,  goddess Laxmi   gives her special blessings there.
21. The Ganga resides in cow’s urine . The Ganga is considered as the stealer of all the sins. Hence, drinking cow’s urine  ruins the sins.
22. The house where cow’s urine is sprinkled regularly, most of the Vastu dosha are being solved.
23. The Propylene Oxide is produced by the mixture of common cow’s dung and urine. Which  is helpful in bringing rain. Ethylene Oxide also comes out of this mixture, which is used in operation theatre.
24cow’s urine  is also a pesticide. 1 ltr cow’s urine is used with 8 ltr  water. Cow’s urine is a natural  urea for crops, this is the reason that it is useful  in mixing with fertilizer. It is used in making medicines and pesticides.
25. America has taken 6 patent on cow’s urine, and the govt. of U.S.A  import  cow’s urine  every  year from India, and use it in making cancer Medicine. Now, they feel its importance, While in our shashtras its importance is  told crore years ago.

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