A Solution of Global Warming

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There is a fall out of waste material in the interaction between matter and energy, in the recycling process of matter from energy and energy from matter, in the exchange and explosion of interaction a lot of waste materials is created which cause a lot of pressure on the earth. Scientists have not been able to find out the way to dispose of waste materials created by nuclear explosion which is affecting badly the climate and environment. All the Heads of the states are worried about this fact but are finding no solution to the emission of the waste materials.
Nuclear explosion is happening constantly in the sun also but in fusion of energy of sun there is no fall out of the waste material but in the earthly nuclear explosion in fission reaction the waste material is not being converted into positive energy. The man is creating lot of waste material in its scientific processes and researches which is polluting the nature. While in human being billions of atoms and sub-atoms are getting transformed affecting the nature also. The nature is losing its balance because of these processes.
In the Vedas the word sun is used as synonym for cow. Just as fusion reaction of the sun is harmless similarly the cow internal and external reaction are such that they don’t have any negative effect on the nature. So much so the oxygen that cow takes it filters it and gives back to nature. From Vedas onwards the tradition of Rishis and saints Eulogize the cow as mother. Cow as a giver donates both to nature and human society and takes nothing from it. Cow embodiments virtues like sacrifice forgiveness, mercy, patience, perseverance, tolerance and goodness of the people. 
  Swami Vivekanand while speaking once on yoga said that perfect yogi is in unison with the nature and contributes to the balance of the nature. The people asked him, “Is there any such yogi on this earth? Taking a deep breath he said it is present before you pointing towards a cow but you should have insight or foresight to see. He said that the cow is the perfect yogi on this earth or when yogi becomes perfect he behaves like a cow. Cow is able to vibrate its whole body from toes to head at a time in the same way as perfect Yogi makes himself to command of each and every part and parcel of the body. Both have power to control, command their own sensations and inert themselves and those who are able to unite, balance, control and command himself can command, control, balance and can affect the entire creation. 
The greatest problem today is global warming. In spite of achievements of science, man on earth is affected by natural calamities. This problem is going to swallow the whole world. Scientists, political leaders, sociologists and spiritualists have no effective solution for this problem. There is a story that Mother Earth went to God in the shape of cow and painfully put before Him its anguish and the growing imbalance in the nature. In the Vedas cow has been compared to earth also. The scientist of Russia in their research of Para physics found that cat catches negative energies while cow emits positive energies. The cow wherever sits or in whichever position it emits constant positive energy and forms an electromagnetic wave circle which protects the whole earth. If anybody can save this world it is cow.
In Veda word “Vatsal (Total affection)” is used as synonym for cowcalf Wherever cow sits with calves its vibration is so deep and intense that it effects and make harmonious the under layers of lava and magma. The cow wealth was considered the biggest wealth by kings and Rishis. Out of the four mothers described in the Vedas one Ahinya (Not to be killed) is called the mother cow. The slaughter of the cows and their disrespect can upset the balance of the nature. The holy as it is, its torture can create havoc for mankind. If we don’t take corrective steps then it will be dooms day for the entire mankind and from electronic age mankind will again reverse into Stone Age.

In Sanskrit the literal meaning of the word Gau is ray of sun and earth. The meaning of the ray of sun is very scientific. The cow absorbs sun energy through its rays and gives us milk and dung which is very useful for human being. In Atharv Veda the meaning of word Gau is dynamism which implies that it always helps the human being to go ahead. Gau and Gopal reflect the culture of Brij land. The literal meaning of Brij is a land where cluster of cows are grazing. The entire land belongs to Gopal the one who brings up the cow that is the Lord Krishna.
From the Vedic period onwards cow is respected like a mother. Protection, maintenance and worship of the mother is inherent in our culture. All the Hindu Sanskaras are performed with Panchamrit of a cow. From time immemorial Gopal, Gobind, Gokul, Gomukh and Goverdhan the words are used in good sense. All these show the importance and greatness of cow. The Gau, the Geeta, The Ganga and the Gayatri have been the symbols of Indian culture. In one of the Punjabi song it is said the worship of mother is the worship of the god. Mother is the embodiment of Godliness. The mother is also another form of God we treat cow as our mother and know very well its importance in our life. 
The cow has more patience to bear suffering than all other creatures. It takes upon her suffering of others. The science should make public the fact that cow is helping the nature and human being even cow saliva cleans aura of human beings. We have to take the moral responsibilities for cruelty towards cow. We all are responsible for the worst condition of the cow. We cannot blame one segment of the society. Arise, awake that cow is part of our civilization and culture, the cow is our direction and destiny and if we ignore cow the nature will ignore us. 
Oh my youth, brothers and sisters I hearken you to serve and protect the cow which is pure like the Ganges, Geeta, Gayatri and get merit and blessing here and here after. 

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