Cow and Energy

Cow is the source of limitless, clean, non- polluting, cheapest renewable energy in the world. There is no other energy which has all the above properties and has use in agriculture and soil conservation & fertility. With the use of bull power even today we are saving Billions of dollars in lower oil imports.

Energy Deficiency

India is a energy deficient country. Our energy needs are growing exponentially and our sources are limited. We are heavily dependent on other countries for our energy needs. We are trying to create oil and gas related assets world- wide in order to cater to this increasing energy needs. These are highly risky and would need the support of several countries to fructify. Any change in political equations or natural calamities will severely impact the availability of these energy sources. In any case fossil fuels will get exhausted over a period of time and the race is on to find new and alternative energy sources. Moreover all these are severely polluting our environment and hence not clean. More consumption will lead to more environmental degradation. They also have severe detrimental effect on our health.

When the whole world is going slow on nuclear energy, India is going full steam in to this for want of a better alternative

In a scenario where oil availability is limited, our agricultural operations will be severely impacted in view of the current level of automation. This will result in lower agricultural production and rise in food prices. It is very essential to insulate our agriculture from oil related threats.

Cow and Energy

The entire agriculture and rural transportation can be based on cows. This will hugely reduce our oil imports, save Billions of dollars and also insulate our agriculture from oil related threats and inflation.

Rural house- holds can run on Gobar gas and cow dung greatly reducing our needs. This will also reduce our need for firewood saving our forests.

Gobar gas based electricity plants will be able to produce clean electricity for use locally saving on big transmission networks and transmission losses.

All this without affecting our environment.

In addition we get whole some, clean, disease free food.

We have the best available alternative in the cow. We must realize this and act.

The time to act is now.

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