Cow and Environment

Go Maatha( cow) is Boo Maatha( mother earth)

One of the many meanings of the word Go is earth.

There is a legend in the Puranaas that at the end of Dwapara yuga and beginning of Kali yuga, Boo Maatha could not bear the heavy weight of the sins committed in the earth by the kings and prayed for Lord Mahavishnu’s intervention to reduce the burden of the sins. Lord Mahavishnu agreed and said He would take an avatar as Lord Krishna. Hence Boo Maatha decided to take the form of Gomaatha which will elicit even greater love and affection from the Lord than Her Boodevi form( as His Consort). No wonder that Gomaatha has such concern for Mother Earth that there is nobody else like her in protecting Mother Earth.

All the products from the cow are environment friendly and have no adverse impact on the environment. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers has led to the deterioration in the soil quality and research has proved that the productivity levels have come down drastically with the sustained use of these fertilizers. Most of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have detrimental effect on soil as well as water quality and have been the major source of environmental pollution and diseases.

In contrast, all the products from the cows are environment friendly and their use enriches the soil. In fact, cow dung and the cow urine along with other organic matters are foremost among known substances that improve and sustain soil quality and fertility.

Cow dung is a very good disinfectant. In olden days, cow dung used to be mixed with water and applied in front of houses every day as a disinfectant. Our misplaced sense of cleanliness in modern times has classified cow dung as dirty. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Neem and certain other leaves mixed with cow urine is a very effective pest repellant. This has no adverse effect on environment and health. Chemical pesticides are highly toxic and have severe detrimental effect on environment and health. Most of the current day diseases have their origin in pesticides.

Gobar gas has proven to be a very cost effective and environment friendly alternative fuel for rural households.

Use of bulls in agriculture eliminates pollution as compared to diesel powered tractors and other farm equipments which lead to high levels of pollution and environmental degradation.

In recent times even agricultural lands destroyed by Tsunami and rendered unfit for agriculture, were reclaimed by applying cow dung in large quantities.

Even in the Bhopal tragedy, we have heard that a house where Agnihotram was performed daily, the impact was not felt. The smoke from the cow dung cake has a purificatory effect on the environment.

Research in Russia has proved the disinfectant and anti pollution qualities of the smoke from Gomaya . There is also news that cow dung was used to mitigate the ill effects of Chernobyl nuclear leak.

Cow plays a key role in protecting our environment.

Hence it is our duty to protect the Indian breed cows.

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