Cow is not holy in India anymore…

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Just a few facts:
India is the only country in world that provides in its Constitution for mercy and care of the animals.
According to its laws, only those animals can be slain, which are older than 16 years of age, and are useless. However, now meat of young healthy buffalos between 4 months and one year is allowed for exports.
* * *
Since 1947 the number of slaughter houses has increased from 350 to 36,000 (thirty six thousand).
Meat of one cow/buffalo is worth Rs. 20,000. However, the same animal may produce, in its 18 years of life span, goods (milk, butter, and manure) worth Rs. 300,000.
Thus, the country has to suffer a loss of Rs. 280,000 for each animal slaughtered.
* * *
India gets foreign exchange for meat. However, India also pays foreign exchange for chemical fertilizers, manure, urea, milk powders, etc. which cost several times the price of meats.
Then why export meat?
* * *
The government encourages certain businesses/industries with financial supports.
The government has announced 100% supports for opening new slaughter houses, and the agriculture department has already approved several slaughter houses.
The Indian meat fetches only 40% of international prices. Then what is the meaning of supporting this industry?
* * *
The government argues that if we don’t kill the animals, their population will go on increasing.
However, according to the same statistics, the number of animals per capita is rapidly decreasing.
* * *
The world trend is towards vegetarianism. The developed countries are learning the dangers of meat-eating. Britain has not opened any new slaughter house since 1980, whereas the Indian government is opening new slaughter houses and modernizing the older ones.
* * *
According to laws enacted to prevent cruelty to animals, it is considered a crime to treat any animal with cruelty (beating, over-burdening, inflicting pain, etc.).
At the same time, however, butchering them is permitted! Does this make any sense?
* * *
Central Food & Technological Research Institute (Mysore Government) has concocted a concentrated meat, with an objective to alleviate the shortage of ‘quality’ protein for masses. The government still thinks that meat provides superior proteins…
* * *
From the description of a large slaughter house in Andhra Pradesh:
This efficient modern plant can slay to 10,000 animals a day.
Don’t think that these animals are killed easily and painlessly. Their agonies start long before they are dead.
They are brought to slaughter house in trucks, from far away distances. For economy, 20-25 huge buffalos are stacked up in each truck.
Nobody cares to feed them food, or even water while in transit. They are packed so tightly in the truck, that they are hurt by each other.
By the time they arrive, they are no more capable of standing on their own feet! They are moved with force of whips…
They are brought into the final ground, where at least a thousand animals are stored. This is their last open air. They are kept here for four days, hungry and thirsty.
Then their legs are broken and eyes poked, so that a ‘certificate’ can be obtained about their uselessness.
Now these animals are pushed into washing showers.
Extremely hot water (200 degrees!) is sprayed on them for five minutes, to soften their skins, so they will be easy to remove.
The animal faints at this point, but it is not dead yet.
Now it is hung upside down with one leg, on a chain-pulley conveyor.
Then half of the neck is slit.
This drains the blood, but does not kill the animal.
Personnel? Most of the people working here are… Hindus.

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