Cow & Scriptures

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Cow and Scriptures
Cows are the path to heaven, they are worshipable even in heaven. Cows grant a desirable objects, therefore there is nothing superior to the cows

Oh Bharata, a person devoted to cows attains whatever he desires. Women also who aredevoted to cows get their wish fulfilled. A person desiring son gets a son, one desiringdaughter gets daughter, one desiring wealth gets wealth, one desiring religion attains religion, a student gets education and one desiring happiness gets happiness. There is nothing unachievable for a servant of cow.
The Brahma Vidya, which grants supreme bliss is compared to the Sun. Similarly the firmament, can be compared with an ocean and earth to Indra but the cow, which does unlimited welfare to hunamy, cannot be compared to anything cow is without any comparison. Indeed there is no other being like a cow, which does welfare to human beings.

The hosts of devas reside in the body of a cow and all the holy places exist in cow’s feet. laxmi resides in the private parts of a cow. A person who adorns his forehead with the mud sticking to the feet of a cow attains the piety of taking bath in a holy place and achieves and achieves success at every step. The place where cows reside is called tirtha, one who dies in such a place becomes liberated immediately. This is certain.
People who serve cows and worship them, are blessed with rarest and choicest boon, on their full satisfaction.Being pleased cows bestow rare boon to a person who serves them and fellows them. Never be envious of them and ever please them, honor them properly and worship them. A man who has control over his senses and pleased within who ever serves the cows attains opulence.
Brihat parashara smriti says:
One who gives some water and grass to the cows for eating attains the result of performing a horse sacrifice there is no doubt in it.
Vishnu Dharmottara Purana says:
By arranging pasture land for cows, giving medical to treatment to the sick cows a person becomes free of fears and attains the result of a horse sacrifice .
Hundreds of milk men holding milk pitchers to milk the cowsand hundreds of their guardians dauce attendance on them. People, who wholly depend on cows, do realize real worth of a cow.
I wish always to keep cows in my view and that cow favors me. Cows are ours and we are for the cows. Let us be close the cows, wherever they stay.
Without giving a portion of our wealth in charity enjoyment of our wealth is merely eating sin To become free from this sin service to cows is the best, natural and easiest means.

A mere slight touch to a cow shall shed away all sins of a man and respectful regards to a cow shall grant power and pelf.
Divine doctrine of Vedas directs that, if one aspires to have all kinds of luxury and comforts of the material worldly life, one should prominently serve the cow.

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