Dung Cakes Are The Cheapest And Most Easily Available Fuel, But…

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Abundant food grains may be cultivated, but what if there is no fuel to cook the food?!
We cannot eat raw food grains, and for cooking, fuel is necessary. The cheapest and most easily available fuel are dung cakes.
It can be available wherever needed. Its flow is unending. Till the time India had not resorted to animal slaughter, the rural population used to get free dung cakes for fuel.
The affluent who used to buy dung cakes had to spend only Rs 3 to 5 in a year.
Now people have to use kerosene, which has to be imported from countries which are exploiting to great advantage, the folly of our planners.
When Nadirshah came to loot India, he had to cross the Indian border and he also had to fight a fierce battle. Despite this, what he looted from this country and took away with him, was just a drop out of the ocean of the wealth of this nation.
Today, the successors of Nadirshah have stormed into the kitchen of every household of Indian villages with the help of a can of kerosene.
They can exploit Indians at their free will, by increasing the price of kerosene as and when they feel like.
They can cut short the supply of kerosene at their will and force us to either eat raw food or to starve or to surrender to the countries who are their allies and who are unfriendly to us.
This should make it very clear how valuable is the contribution of even a bullock in the field of fuel, and how the sovereignty and security of the nation is connected with it.
Gas and kerosene, once used, are lost forever, and they are not renewable sources of energy. The day their availability becomes extinct, it will lead to starvation.
Their prices keep on increasing with their increased use and in addition, they create pollution.
With the compulsion to use alternative fuels like kerosene and gas in place of dung cakes, each family has been burdened with an additional annual expense of Rs -1500/
Is it not wiser to save this Rs 1500 by reverting back to dung cakes as fuel?!
There will be an additional saving of about Rs 75/ per annum for a family which is spent on harmful washing powders, as the ash of dung cakes which will be freely available can serve the same purpose. This saving can be used to provide food, clothing and education to millions of children, and can be utilized for such other noble purposes.
Potential value of dung as fuel would be clear from the following small calculation India has a population of about 96 crores; 70% of this population i.e. 67 crore people live in rural areas. Considering 5 persons to a family, it means 13.4 families. Dung fuel if available, can be used by these rural families as was being done only a few decades ago.
Due to the non-availability of dung cakes for fuel, other types of fuel are used.
For valuation purpose, let us take the value of LPG to assess the fuel cost. The LPG cylinder is on an average priced at Rs 150/ and for a family of 5, one cylinder lasts for about a month. Thus each family has to spend Rs 1800 per annum on cooking fuel. Thus for 13.4 crore families, the fuel cost comes to 13.4 crore x Rs 1800- i.e. Rs 24,120 crore.
Thus theoretically speaking, if the entire rural population reverts to dung cake fuel it will save the nation a whopping burden of Rs 24,120 p.a. which is spent on one or the other form of fuel today. This is the unlimited potential of dung in its utility as fuel.

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