Eco-Farming and Dung: How It Can Reduce Farmer’s Costs

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Eco-farming… If agriculture was based on the services of bullocks alone, and instead of chemical fertilizers only had dung or natural manure been used, the farmer would have been spared of the investment in tractors and the interest cost of such investments or the rent of hiring tractors.
He would have been spared of the heavy cost of chemical fertilizers and interest, the cost of pesticides, the investment cost in motor pumpsand its interest cost and the cost incurred for diesel or electricity for running such motor pumps.
Thus he would have been spared a lot of heavy and at the same time unnecessary expenses which now get added to his cost of production.
By burdening the farmer with unnecessary expenses, the cost of production for farmers has increased beyond their capacity.
The food grains have become very costly, which has given rise to various agitations, riots, strikes by farmers demanding rise in prices of agricultural produce, and resultant chaos all over the country.
Surprisingly, even after allowing the price increase to farmers because of violence and agitation, the farmers have not been benefited.
The farmer has become a pawn in the hands of powerful exploiters who are exploiting the entire population through their evil designs. The price increase secured by farmers has been shared between oil and diesel producing countries and manufacturers of chemical fertilizers, tractors, pesticides and government agencies, leaving the farmer where he was!
And hence, if anybody is responsible for agitation, riots, strikes, etc. aimed at securing increase in agricultural produces, it is the government functioning under the malicious guidance of western institutions. The government has endangered the interest of the masses by stopping the flow of cattle dung, and thus they have committed an inexcusable crime.
Why should the people of India not put them on trial for this crime?

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