Economic Importance of Cow

The cow plays a vital role in Indian rural economy. It gives us milk, from which a variety of dairy products like yogurt, butter, ghee and cheese are made. Cow’s urine is used as a disinfectant in rural homes. Cow dung is plastered along the walls of mud huts to keep insects and reptiles away. Rural kitchens in India usually have cooking stoves that use dried cow dung patties as fuel. Cow dung is also used to generate bio-gas known as gobar gas. Cow dung mixed with cow’s urine can be used as manure in agricultural fields. Unlike artificial fertilizers, cow manure does not damage the soil’s fertility in the long run. Cow also gives birth to bulls, which are used to plough the field in villages. Oxen also play a key role in transportation, as people in rural Indian still use oxen carts as a primary mode of transportation. This is why the cow is considered the very backbone of rural India.