Native Cow


India has several breeds of cows (about 30 main breeds and several sub breeds), which belong to the Bos indicus variety and are native to India for several centuries. These have been used in agriculture, dairy farming and transportation.

In a true cow based economy, cow dung and urine are the major components. Next comes bullock energy and the last is the milk yield.

Unfortunately due to wrong policies, milk yield has been given the priority and hence the government has been promoting crossbreed cows for more milk yield compromising on the quality of milk.

The quality of milk of the Indian breed cow is healthy (type A2) and most suitable for human consumption. The Panchagavya medicines are based only on the products of Indian breed Cows. Cowdung (gomaya) and cow urine (gomutra) of Indian breed cows is most suitable and effective for use in agriculture.

Characteristics of Indian Breed Cows:

  • Hump.( Thimizh/Thimil )
  • Horns.
  • The skin under the neck region falls loosely in folds.
  • Low Cost of Maintenance.
  • High immunity levels.

They are quite sturdy for use in agriculture and transportation.

It’s the Indian breed cow, that is facing extinction, and hence urgent steps are needed to save them.

Cross breed cows

These are a product of man’s greed. These belong to Bos Taurus variety. These are the result of cross breeding of a cow and some other animal and created mainly for beef in western countries. These have unnatural growth and produce high quantities of milk (not necessarily healthy- mostly A1 type -cause of a number of major diseases.) They have totally different characteristics and are not suitable for farming and transportation. These also cannot withstand the high temperatures in India.Most of them suffer in silence to produce more milk to cater to our greed. The bull calves are often immediately sent for slaughter for calf leather.In most cases the banned drug “oxitocin” is injected to the cows to produce more milk weakening them and affecting our health. This is the proof, if proof is needed, that we have totally lost compassion. We all must hang our heads in shame for what we are doing to them.

Urgent steps are also needed to reverse the cross breeding program with the use of Indian breed bulls so that over a period of time, all the cows will be indigenous breeds.



The time to act is now.

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