Natural herbal medication for Cattle:

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Here Comes our 1st post on Natural herbal medication for Cattle:

Problem: Ticks
Ticks and insects which bite and stick to the cattle create a lot of problem. To avoid this, regular washing of cattle and medication is to be followed.

Medication 1:
Mix 1 kg of Dronapushpi leaves and 1 kg of Neem leaves. Crush them with water and make a solution. Spray this on the cattle in the morning and afternoon. Wash them in the evening.
Repeat this for 4-5 days.

Medication 2:
Mix equal amounts of Dronapushpi(200 gms), Neem(200 gms) and Mari Gold leaves(200 gms) in equal amount of Castor Oil (200ml) and crush them. Apply this solution till the ticks fall off.

Medication 3:
Boil 250 gms of Dry Tobacco 2 liters of water.
Spray on Animal, Wash next day and the ticks will Fall off.

Medication 4:
Crush Custard Apple leaves and Neem leaves in water and apply this to cattle morning. Wash in the evening.

Based on the available plants or herbs, You can use any one of the above medications.

Note: Please note that a few herbal medications won’t work immediately as the allopathy medicines. In case of serious problems, please go with normal medicines but for the rest of the medications you can try the Herbal medicines.

Please let me know the results !

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