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  1. From today, I shall use Milk, Butter and Curd made from cow’s milk only in my daily life
  2. From today I shall utilize most of the time of my life in cow conservation, cow husbandry and maintenance.
  3. From today I shall start making efforts to use grains, vegetables, cereals, fruits and medicines manufactured by the use of cow dung and cow urine.
  4. I shall take some time out from a week/fortnight/month and wholeheartedly use it in cow service.
  5. Along with my family I shall write more and more ‘Bhagwannaam’ according to my capacity and submit it in the ‘Bhawannaam Bank’ for cow protection.
  6. In the span of 1 year, I shall add another 10 people to the cow shed for the service of cows.
In reality sainthood is revealed in a cow fasting (Go-vratee) person only. His inner exploration power is excited and he becomes a world research center in himself. Such saintly life is for universal welfare. Therefore, our life will sparkle with the abidance of the above mentioned cow fast (Go-Vrat). We will become greatly useful for the world and the Lord of the world. In this lies the true significance of human life.

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