Save our cows from being slaughtered – Make it a mission of your life

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Make it easy

  • Discontinue using Plastic Bags immediately.
  • Do not offer garbage or spoiled food to cows.
  • Allow your land to the existing Gaushalas as Gochar, where the cattle can be fed.
  • Immediately start using cow products like Tooth Powder, Soaps, Ubtan, Dhoop Battis, Ghee, etc. etc.
  • Encourage people in your area to use such amazing and effective products.
  • Encourage our farmers to use organic fertilizers based on cow dung (GOBAR), which has shown amazing results.
  • Make your contribution to feed the cows and take care of them.
  • Educate dairy farm owners not to force cows or buffalos to produce milk by giving them any injections like Oxytocin which are harmful to them as well as to consumer of such milk.
  • Educate the small dairy farmers in your area not to handover cows to Butcher(KASAI) or Slaughter House in any case.
  • Please help in solving dairy owners’ problems in your area ensuring smooth operations by them.

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