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Cow Milk


Cow’s milk is a Tonic.  An 8 oz. glass of milk provides a large percentage of your recommended daily allowance of important vitamins and minerals :-

  1. 17% Protein
  2. 29% Calcium
  3. 23% Phsphorus
  4. 23% Riboflavin
  5. 25% Vitamin D
  6. 15% Vitamin B-12

Cow Ghee


Milk fat is the richest natural dietary source of conjugated linoic acid (CLA), which has been shown in animal and cell culture
studies to have potent anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) properties.
The experiments have shown that dietary supplementation with
CLA reduced the incidence of chemically
induced tumors in the epidermis, stomach and mammary glands.

“Ghee made from Cow’s milk improves memory, intelligence, complexion, voice and personal beauty.  It provides strength to the body, improves eyesight and increase duration of life.  It is a cooling tonic that brings peace to the mind.  It eliminates toxins from the body.”

In vedic way, the burning cow ghee is part of many vedic religious
fire sacrifices, Science has discovered that
the burning of cow gheeused in fire sacrifice purifies the air. 
When cow ghee is burned with rice it produces ethylene oxide,
propylene oxide and Formaladeyore, which are used in the operation theatre, provide immunity from bacteria.



Cow urine contains natural disinfectant and antiseptic properties.  In Ayurveda, cow urine is used in a variety of medicinal preparations that are effective in treating problems such as acne, headaches, influenza, indigestion and asthma. It haseven show effectiveness in the treatment of more serious diseases, such as Diabetes, T.B., Cancer and AIDS.

Organisations such as the Cow Urine Therapy and Research Institute in Indore, M.P., India, have dedicated themselves to rediscovering
the benefits of this remarkable wonder medicine. 
Their studies have shown significant results in the treatment of numerous ailments.Cow urine and dung have also been
analyzed in laboratories and proven
to contain disinfectant and antibiotic properties.  Through many
experiments on cow dung, the famous Italian Scientist,
Prof. G. E. Bea, has proven that fresh cow dung kills the
germs of Malaria and Tuberculosis.

Cow urine contains 24 types of salts as well as iron, calcium, phosphorous, carbonic acid, potash and lactose, For diabetics, tests have shown that it controls the sugar level and aids fitness.   These are just a few indications of how cow products are invaluable to mankind and how science is helping to confirm this forgotten truth. 

Ayurveda recommends GO-ARK to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce body fat. A gift of cow urine is its ability to balance the three doshas (mucous, bile, and air). It boosts the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier, and as a health promoting anti-oxidant. It also enhances brain power and strengthens the heart while bringing your consciousness to a higher level of goodness. Generally, it repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells. Very effective in obesity, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing stones, swelling, and joint pains. Also cures respiratory problems. It is useful in all kinds of children’s cough and other diseases. It gives strength and energy. Also serves as an anti-bacterial agent.

GO-ARK is prepared by boiling cow-urine in an iron pot to which a vapor condensing device is attached. Benefit is achieved by using for long period. It can be given to children and ladies without any harm. It is more effective when mixed with honey.

Directions: Take 2 tsp. diluted in water or mix with honey to your taste on empty stomach once or twice a day.

Cow Curd


Curd or Yogurt is a lactic fermentation of milk.It is esteemed for its smoothness,its pleasant and refreshing taste.It is highly versatile and one of the most valuable therapeutic foods. The best and purest milk should always be used for preparing the curd.Before it is curdled,the milk should be boiled for about 10 minutes and the temperature of the milk brought down to lukewarm state.Freshly cultured starter should then be added to it and mixed thoroughly with the milk.Generally one teaspoonful of starter is sufficient for every 500 ml. of milk.The quality of curd depends to a great extent on the starter used. The better the seed the sweeter will be the aroma and firmer, will be texture of the curd. In hot season the milk curdless easily. But in cold season, it is necessary to cover it with a blanket and keep it in a warm place. It generally takes about six to eight hours for the milk to coagulate in the hot season. In cold weather it takes 12 to 16 hours for it form a firm mass.Curd* is a very nourishing food. It is a valuable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals.It is a valuable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a rich source of calcuim and riboflavin,The proteins in curd is more readily digested than the protein in milk .It has been estimated that regular milk is only 32 per cent digested after an hour in the digestive tract, whereas 91 percent of curd id digested with in the ame period of time , It is ,therefore , an ideal diet for those with sensitive digestive systems, particularly young children and elderly persons.
(* Food value Minerals and Vitamins Moisture-89.1 % Calcuim-149 mg Protein-3.1% Phosphorus-93 mg Fat-4.0% Iron-0.2 mg Minerals -0.8% Vitamin A -102 1.U Carbohydrates-3.0% Vitamin C small amounts of Vitamin B Complex I mg Calorific Value-60 *Values per 100 gms edible portion)

Cow Dung


It has been mixed with after ingredients in the Cow Dung Cake, so that burning it could purify the environment.  It is very useful for biogas plants.  It is insect repellant & thermal insulator in cold places.  Its smoke is a powerful disinfectant and anti-pollutant. Through many experiments on cow dung, the famous Italian scientist, Prof. G.E.Bea, has proven that fresh cow dung kills the germs of Malaria and tuberculosis.
These cow dung cakes are very useful for fire sacrifices (yajnas) and in various ceremonial activities. They create a pure and holy atmosphere when burnt. The reaction of cow dung and ghee when mixed releases oxygen into the air.


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