Serve the cow Serve the country

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Serve the cow Serve the country 

Creating awareness among the people for urgent need of protection and conservation of cows:- 
1. Maintaining the neglected street cows by construction cows sheds for them. 
2. Saving the cows from butchers and caring them by keeping in the cow shed.
3. Propagating the boycott of goods manufactured by the skin of cows.
4. Publicizing importance of the cow dung and its urine.
5. Uplifting the merit and status of backward people by inspiring them to serve boon giver cows.
6. Publicizing the use of cow dung and its urine instead of fertilizer as manure.
7. Not to sell cows to Stranger or a butcher.
8. Giving priority to the good quality of native bulls for progeny of cows.
9. Organizing sammelans, programmers and padyatras at national level to mobilize public opinion in favour of cow conservation and protection.
10. To propagate the medicinal properties of five elements of the cow (milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung) among the people.
11. Correspondence with developed and developing countries the central govt., states govt. and NGOs to encourage scientific research on the product of the cow.
12. To make representation to Indian government and foreign governments for passing law against cow slaughter.
13. To do all miscellaneous services for the welfare of cows.
14. To bring on one platform all organizations dedicated to the cause of cow protection.
15. To support the setting up of fodder banks at multiple places.
16. To encourage and popularize the use of cow based products in food and medicine.
17. o suitably deal with the issue of slaughtering the cow and work towards its prevention. For the purpose, cows not to give unknown person-rather cows in danger should be brought to safe enclosure.
18. To spread awareness in society about the protection of the cow, to encourage feelings of devotion to the cow; to participate in all activities towards the well being the cow.

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