Stop Slaughter of Holy Cow on Bakri-Eid in the Name of Religion

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Stop Slaughter of Holy Cow on Bakri-Eid in the Name of Religion

Article submitted by Sree Mahesh Agarwal, President A.P.Goushalala Federation 
Cow is highly sacred animals to Indians. They worship cow along with other God Goddess equally. But to violate the religious feelings of Hindus a large number of Cows & Calves are being slaughtered on Bakri-Eid by Muslim community. No religious provision is there in “Islam” or “Quaran” regarding the slaughter of Cows on Bakri-Eid. The plea is categorically rejected by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in a case of state of West Bengal v/s. Ashutosh Lahiri and others. In this case one another case was also quoted M. H. Qureshi & others in the state of Bihar, (A.I.R. 1958 Sec. 731) in which the Hon’ble Court has clearly ruled that slaughter of Cows on Bakri -Eid day cannot be considered to be a part of essential religious practice and that is the reason why protection of Article 25 is not available for enabling slaughtering of cows on Bakri-Eid day.

Even though it is not so essential for Muslims sacrificing Cows, they are being slaughtered on Bakri-Eid day only with a view to damage the sensitive religious feelings of Hindus. Not only a Bakri-Eid but also on other days also large number of Cows and calves are being slaughtered while violating the (i) A.P. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter and Animal Preservation Act, 1977 (ii) PCA Act 1960, (iii) A.P. Motor Vehicle Rules.

At the time of slaughtering the Cows no animal slaughter rules were followed. They were slaughtered in a mob at a time and on same place though they are animals. They also feel pain, stress, heat cold, thirst, hunger.

Animal Welfare Organization in A.P. was working hard for the strict implementation of the above mentioned Act. Members of various Animal Welfare Organisation were helping the police department by providing information about the illegal transportation and slaughter of Cows.

Unfortunately, nobody came forward to complaint regarding the illegal slaughtering of Cow. If any one complained to any concerned authorities, the authorities were not taking any action and said that they will face religious problems from the Muslims and majority of these officials have no knowledge of PCA Act 1960 & their responsibilities.

Except taking temporary preventive actions on Bakri-Eid, slaughtering of Cows is not successfully resisted, but so many other problems are arising.

Now it is suggested to take hard preventive actions at least 15 days before the Bakri- Eid. Then no religious problems will arise and law and order may not be damaged. In this connection Director General of Police, District Collectors, Secretary, Road Transport Authority, Director Animal Husbandry were contacted but of no use.

Director General of Police issued a circular asking all the police station to form teams for stopping of cow slaughter but not a single case has been booked in this regard since the issue of circular.

Not only on Bakri-Eid in regular days also there are thousands of cow slaughter in and around Hyderabad.

We are of strong opinion that nearly 25000 cows will be slaughtered only on Bakri-Eid in Hyderabad itself.

If the concerned authorities implement the preventive measures at least 15 days before the Bakri-Eid, slaughtering of cow can be prevented peacefully and successfully. Animals markets shall be made close down for 15 days up to Bakri -Eid.

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