The causes miserable condition and slaughter in India

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The causes miserable condition and slaughter in India
  1. Forgetting of our ancient culture. Our sages have found cows as a most useful animal.
  2. Explosion of population. Lack of grazing fields. Lack of campus in the homes. Small houses in town and cities where difficult to keep cows. Increase of price rise. The people leave the cow not giving the milk on the streets.
  3. The superstitious worship of the cow but not improving its condition.
  4. The Indians are becoming more and more materialistic and adopting western civilization. They are getting alienated from spiritual values and respect for the cow.
  5. All the Indian govts. has valued the foreign cows as a result the Indian cow is ignored.
  6. The reverence for the cow played a role in the Indian rebellion against the British East India Company. As per the history, Hindu in the army of the East India Company came to believe their oiled paper cartridges, which held a measured amount of gunpowder, was greased with cow fat. Since loading the gun required biting off the end of the paper cartridge, they believed that the British were forcing them to break ethic of their religion. Slavery of the country – First the Mughal and later on British perverted our culture and history. Mangal Pande revolted against the use of fat of cow in the bullet of the gun by the British which is resulted in the revolt of 1857. Saguru Ram Singh’s Disciples attacked the slaughter house in Malerkotla (Punjab) and killed the butcher. The British govt. hanged some of them and punished the others with life imprisonment. The British govt. encouraged the creating of slaughter houses and eating of beef.
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