Thousands of bulls, cows and calves are brutally slaughtered everyday in this sacred land of India which include strong and healthy ones also.

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Thousands of bulls, cows and calves are brutally slaughtered everyday in this sacred land of India which include strong and healthy ones also.

Laws, rules and regulations are violated at every step during the process. Slaughter houses run by municipalities are meant for ending those animals’ life whose survival is not good for them and who are totally not fit to survive. They are meant to give deep sleep to these animals, so that they can die peacefully.

Unfortunately, today municipalities under Government’s control have converted them into meat factories killing innocent and healthy ones too with different procedure, so that they can earn better price for their blood, meat or beef.

Cows, bulls and calves are among those killed very brutally. Their painful journey starts right from pickup from the original point by butcher/transporter who carries them to the slaughter house. This is the first step of law violation. The animals are transported in cruelly overcrowded lorries. Many are dead, mangled and wounded although the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act specifies the space provided per cow should be no less than 2 square meters, and specifically, the national law allows no more than six cattle per lorry. These laws, too, are ignored More details.

By the time they are delivered at Slaughter House, they are mangled and wounded badly. Many of them die in transit. Probably this cruel procedure is done purposely, so that the Slaughter House people have excuse to declare them unfit for living and therefore certifying for slaughter.

One can not imagine what kind of pain our mother goes through at that time. It is shame on humanity that the whole life she feeds her milk in so many ways to us and one day she is handed over to slaughter houses for killing her and supplying her blood, bones, skin and beef etc. to various profit making companies for sake of money involving a huge amount of corruption.

Their incessant cries and screams displaying the intolerable pain, neglected by man-made laws, demands justice from the civilized human society that currently treats them no better than commodities More details. People who are involved in this business do not know cultural heritage of this Shri Krishna’s sacred land. We can not in our life time repay the cost of milk fed to us by our first mother (who gave us birth) and second mother (our beloved cow).

Whole of life our cow mother feeds us as well as our new generation with her milk and once she becomes old and hence not able to produce milk she is sent to slaughter house for a painful end on the ground that she has become old and sick and is of no use now.

Can we do the same thing with our old mother who gave us birth. One would say No. Then why with cow mother. We are forgetting the message of love (prem) taught to us by Lord Shri Krishna, who is the true lover of cows. The pain does not end here.

Today our dairy industry on the other hand gives so much pain to cows and buffalos to get more and more milk using so called modern techniques. Find in detail how our cow mother and buffalos are being treated by today’s dairy industry.

Every year we celebrate Janmashtmi and decorate our temples and do pooja but we forget our cow mother crying at slaughter houses seeking our help in saving her life. At one side, we are allowing our cows to be slaughtered and on the other side we are celebrating Lord Shri Krishna’s birthday.

Do you think this is fair ? Every body knows that Lord Shri Krishna loved cows a lot. Lord Shri Krishna will truly accept our pooja on the day, when we totally stop killing cows.

There is a strong need to totally ban on cows, bulls and calves slaughter immediately repeat immediately in India. Now one may ask why only cow, why not goat, pig or chicken. Are they not killed brutally or they have no feeling of pain? It is a genuine question to be asked.

We all of us know that there is always a pain when you hurt anybody. So all of them feel pain. Stop killing and eating them. Just for the sake of taste, we are not supposed to brutally kill any body. Give everybody your love (PREM) which automatically brings non-violence (AHINSA). Be vegetarian and live happy and joyful life and let others live the same.

There has to be a start for any initiative. Be aware of some facts-more detailsLet us start with a ban on slaughter of our sacred mother cow. Love all and let every one enjoy on our sacred land. Everyone has right to live happily.

It is our country. We select the ruling Government here with majority. A majority of people in India is always in favour of complete ban on slaughtering of cows, bulls and calves. Even if we look at theeconomic front in our country, we find that more than 70% of India’s population depends directly or indirectly on cows more details. Its killing means a murder of our rural economy. Then all efforts of rural development are wasted.
Our rural economy depends upon cows. It is suggested that all these animals on their natural death be cremated on Electric Machines which will help us to fight global warming in future. They also have the right to a peaceful end. It is expected from our Government to make at least one Electric Cremation Machine in each district.
Instead of killing our mother cows, Government of India must encourage our dairy farms spread all over India involved in producing various products based on bye products like Cows’ Urine, Dung(GOBAR) and milk, to increase their production.
Education on Gou Palan to farmers, villagers and Gou Palaks must be added in the programmes being already run for Praur Shiksha in the country by our Government. Government must listen to their problems and provide them better infrastructure, facilities and support so that this one of our most potential fields flourish. The cow owners who are financially poor need more attention to be supported in this respect, so that they are not forced to hand over their cows to be slaughtered.
Instead of making new Gaushala, people can buy land for Gochar for existing Gaushalas for feeding the cattle. This will be a big solution to natural feeding problem for the cows. So many people have already come forward this way. A lot more is still to be done.
Our farmers must switch to organic fertilizers based on cow dung (GOBAR). This can easily be done at their level itself. They can easily be trained to make organic fertilizer from GOBAR and cow urine. This way there will be an encouragement to our farmers to become GO PALAK instead of making so many new Gaushalas in villages resulting cow slaughter later on for one reason or the other.
Now one major question arises. How to care the cows when they are unable to produce milk or become old. Ours is the land of Lord Shri Krishna and we all are attached to emotional sentiments and our family responsibilities, where we do care our family till the end of life. If we educate ourselves and others to doSEVA of such cows, there are so many ways open.
Our initiative is important. Even at the stage when cow is unable to give milk, she is willing to give you lot i.e. valuable urin and gobar. A big potential is ahead based on cow’s urine and gobar in our rural areas such as GOBAR Gas, GOBAR products like Dhoop Battis, Soap, Pesticides, Insecticides, Medicines, Organic Fertilizers based on urine and GOBAR etc. There is a need to take initiative by cow owners and our Government.
We also request our Sants who perform their PRAVACHANS all over the country to highlight importance of Cow and Cow SEVA in their PRAVACHANS and guide people to follow the path of LOVE (PREM) shown by Lord Shri Krishna on this sacred land.
The medicines made of Cow Urine, GOBAR and Ghee are amazing and very effective. We must encourage use of these medicines and take initiative to encourage dairy farms producing thesemedicines. You may view some of them here.

Before it is too late, join together now and make a loud appeal to stop slaughtering and imposing a complete ban on cow slaughter and exporting cows from our country. Make representation to our Government of India whom we have selected.

In your area, if you see any injustice to cows, please do not hesitate to immediately report to the concerned authorities.

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