Torture of Cows in India

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While going along the national highways, we can see minimum 30 cows dumped in a lorry and taken miles together without a sip of water, food and care. They are so badly dumped that they are unable to move its head or legs. What a tragedy?

More they dump more economical for them for transportation of cows. If the roads are bad, still more struggle and suffocation happens to them which tortures all along the way. Not more than 5 or 6 should be loaded on a single lorry, which should be loaded with grass, water and other required items for them. But do we see such an arrangement done for these cows?
It is a totally intolerable gesture done by merciless men who are after money they get from these sacred cows. Their milk, flesh skin fetch lakhs and lakhs of rupees. But they are uncared and savaged like cheap creations. No! No it is intolerable. Slash this! Stop this! Let rules &regulations come forward to put an end to this disgraceful gesture.
Let us see what is happening in the slaughter houses and in streets to the cows! Oh! Oh! Horrible! Horrible! Disgraceful! Merciless!! Mind boggling scenes! Unbearable incorrigible tortures!
Are we Indians! Are we really true believer of non violence! Are we all stupid silent spectators of this violence to a very kind and very noble creature which looks after us and nurtures us from birth to end of our life?
Are we sensible! Are we not morally responsible for this butchering menace! Are we not responsible by not stopping this?
When a tiger is shot or hurt a big hue and cry is seen in parliament and in the press. When a lion is hunted even then a big scene is created amongst the elites. When a deer is hunted imprisonment and court orders are thrown on the individual who ever he may be.
But also when a sacred cow is tortured, butchered and battered no one raises a voice! No one issues notice! No one raises it in the parliament. No one writes it to the press. No one reports for legal action! No one is sensible enough to make a hue and cry for this noble cow! What a pity! What a disgrace! What a meaningless citizens? What an in insipid rules & regulations? What a pathetic blood shed activity it is, that nobody cares? Totally ignored murder! Totally lawless killing and torture!
From the 3 southern states alone, about 20 lakh cattle are taken to Kerala every year for slaughter, where Beef is 40% staple food and the products are exported.
**There are 7000+ unlicensed abattoirs in Kerala. The butchers for a fair price buy the cattle from calves, to milch animals including healthy bullocks.
These animals are tied by neck and made to walk without food or water for miles together, or transported in lorries with a single rope passing through their noses in tightly packed rows or bundled one over the other with their legs broken by iron road.
Every cow is killed in full view of others waiting in horror. An iron pipe is inserted deep into the throat followed by a sharp iron rod to cut off the wind pipe and food pipe, and when the cow is struggling for breath and blood is gushing, lime water is pumped into the stomach to gain extra meat weight. Then starts skinning while alive and cutting out other parts.
By killing one animal, the benefits they drive are; Hide :Rs. 3500 and above depending upon the animal
Beef : about 350 to 500 kgs @ Rs 70/kg
Blood and liver : sold to pharmaceutical companies
Bones : sold to sugar factories / pharmaceutical units
Bone marrow : sold to dog feed manufacturers
Fat: bought by detergent, oil, ghee manufactures
  • Before every milking, the cows and buffaloes are injected with a hormone “Oxytocin”, which cause immense uterus pain.
  • Nature has blessed the new calf with an enzyme “Rennet” to sustain in the initial days, but this is also sliced out from its stomach for manufacturing cheese.
  • The cost of mutton and beef is Rs 70 and 250 respectively, and hence largely adulterated.
  • Due to indiscriminate mass slaughtering over the years 64 out of 96 swadesi Indian breeds have been totally wiped out.
  • The laws to prevent cruelty to animals are in force in the states, but are largely ignored.
Example: Transport of cattle for slaughter is prohibited. For any other purpose, only 6 animals should be transported in a lorry – but 30 to 40 are transported.
  • Certain acts like twisting tails; testicles etc are non bailable offences punishable under sec. 428/429 of IPC.
  • Before killing, the cow should be fed well, and a veterinarian should certify its health. Other cows should not see the killing. The cow’s eyes should be injected, or a high volt current should be given to desensitize the animal before killing, and no skinning or cutting should be done before the death is complete.
  • On many occasions, even the cows given in “godhana” after the death of a Hindu is also sold ultimately to the butchers. At times, Cows offered to temples are also diverted for slaughter by the vested interests.
  • Certain worms present in beef enter the human brain and proliferate and cause a dangerous conditions viz. Neuro cysticercosis’ which may prove fatal also.
  • For manufacturing very expensive leather, a full pregnant cow is made to stand in a small cement tank, hot water is poured till tail level and some persons beat it with rods. Out of fear and gruesome treatment, the cow delivers and the fetus is pressed into the hot water and the skin of the calf is peeled out and processed in the same temperature. Also, the leather from 5 such cows side to be very soft is used in the upholstery of one expensive car.
  • These cows and buffaloes produce milk their own calves like our own women. But, on most occasions, the calves are killed immediately after birth not only to rob the milk but also to capitalize on their skin and meat. Cows are extremely intelligent with a strong bondage for their calves. They can identify a beef-eater by smell when approached and feel uneasy while passing by a slaughter – house.
But, in our only land of Lord Sri Rama, Lord Krishna, the great Buddha, and SRI MADWACHARYA, even a few thousands of these cattle are not taken care of in their old age. The plight of the dry cows and the old cattle is miserable and are subjected to a lot of cruelty. Due to socio – economic reasons and ignorance, some sell these unproductive animals to butchers who in turn make hefty profits by selling their skin, meat, blood, liver and bones.
We, the real beneficiaries of the stolen milk, consciously are bound to protect these known mothers and help in proving a peaceful living.

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