Why Worship Cows?

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Everyone worships Gou-mata like a deity The word ‘cow (Gaaya)’ means rays of the Sun-God in Sanskrit. As the Sun God sends His rays to the earth; Gods have sent Gou-mata to the earth as their representative. Man gets nourishment, health and wealth through the medium of Gou-mata. Taking care of cow also amounts to doing one’s Dharma-sadhana. Gou-mata has divine qualities like not wishing bad of anyone and helping everyone. Therefore, she is divine. Company of ‘Gou’ increases ‘sattva’ component As per the science, we tend to imbibe qualities of the one with whom we are always in contact. When we touch a perfume, our hands smell good and when we come in contact with impure thing, our hands catch that bad smell. Cow has ‘Sattva’ component in greater degree and therefore, we also imbibe it and become more ‘sattvik’. 
Gou-mutra is good for health
 The Gou-mutra and cow-dung is used for various purposes. Gou-mutra is mainly useful for maintaining good health so also in agriculture. There are 112 medicinal components in ‘Gou-mutra’ that are useful for human health and this has been proved by scientists. Every component is effective for at least one ailment. Consumption of ‘Gou-mutra’ increases immunity for fighting against various diseases. Gou-mutra of Indian cows has 3-4 % resistance power against diseases. It is mainly used for skin diseases. Not to prevent cow-slaughter is ‘Dharma-haani’ (detrimental to Dharma) I do not expect that the saints and mutts who are not doing anything towards prevention of cow-slaughter will do anything towards Dharma. Cow-slaughter is a sign of Dharma-haani. ‘Bharatiya Gou-raksha Parishada’ is therefore, being founded to save cows. It is also planned to bring together all saints for protection of cow. I shall fight till my last breath for protection of cow. Politicians have failed to stop cow-slaughter Rulers do not consult saints. It is necessary that we are in majority only then the rulers will pay any heed to us as politicians only listen to those who vote for them. Many times, we appealed to Karnataka Government to have some project for protection of cows that met with little success. It is necessary to create awareness among people towards protection of cow.

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